Regulation by Law on Recycling Economy at the Enterprise and Ecological Industrial Park Level

  •  Boyu Zhu    


The regulation by law on recycling economy at the enterprise and ecological industrial park level serves as the base of leveled regulation by law on recycling economy. The recycle of enterprise internal sources is the key for developed countries developing recycling economy. Following the requirements of recycling economy, countries constitute relevant laws and regulations, offering an institutional warranty for achieving cleaner production. In China, a law and policy system that benefits the development of recycling economy is still an absence. However, the horizontal coupling and vertical closeness of ecological industrial parks, together with the interactive effects between enterprises, make the regulation by law a necessity. Complete and perfect policy and legal regulations are important warranties for the development of ecological industrial parks. Therefore, China should further perfect the legal mechanism for the internalization of environment costs; build up and perfect a legal warranty system for full green technologies; set up and perfect a special policy and law system for ecological industrial parks management.

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