The 88th Densus AT: The Role and the Problem of Coordination on Counter-Terrorism in Indonesia

  •  Muradi Muradi    


This paper has two purposes. First, it discusses the role of Anti Terror of the 88th Special Detachment of Indonesia’s Police Force in the war against terrorism. The role of the 88th Densus AT on counter terrorism in Indonesia is now a role of single institution nationwide, so that other institutions with similar anti terrorist units feel that they do not get a portion of state power. In Indonesia, all armed forces institutions and police, including the State Intelligence Agency have anti terrorist unit in their structure. There is Anti-Terror Detachment (Detasemen Penanggulangan Terror, Dengultor TNI AD) in the Indonesia Army with a call sign of Group 5 Anti Terror unit, and also the 81st Detachment (Detasemen 81, Den 81) inside the Elite Force of Indonesia Army (Kopassus). There is Jalamangkara Detachment (Detasemen Jalamangkara, Denjaka, TNI AL) of the Indonesia Navy, which has merged into the Marine Corps. There is also Bravo Detachment (Detasemen Bravo, Denbravo TNI AU) which has merged into an elite team of the Indonesia Air Force. The State Intelligence Agency (Badan Intelijen Negara, BIN), also has an anti-terror desk. Second, this paper also discusses of the problem of coordination between those various agencies.

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