A Review of Parliament-Foreign Policy Nexus in South Africa and Namibia

  •  Adewale Banjo    


After a review of selected literature on foreign policy and parliament-foreign policy nexus in South Africa, this article examines the nature of ‘Parliamentary diplomacy’, with special focus on Parliamentary Committees on Foreign Affairs [PCFA] in South Africa and Namibia since 2000. By means of descriptive approach and content-analysis of documentary sources and conversational interviews, it further explores the extent of executive-legislative frictions over foreign affairs in both countries and the raison deter for parliamentary interest in foreign affairs, which is located within the orbit of National Interest. It argues that the executive-legislature friction over foreign policies may not be resolved sooner, more so that there are other actors seeking to influence the direction of foreign policy in both countries.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.