Boko Haram Sect: Terrorists or a Manifestation of the Failed Nigerian State

  •  Salihu Niworu    


The arbitrary, absolute and statist posture of colonialism permeated the Nigerian society even after 50 years of independence. The change of guards from the colonial lords to the indigenous selected Nigerians did not change the operations of the state. State still remain an instrument of coercion, exploitation and domination. Basic necessities of life, the core of national security eluded the masses. The state became insensitive to the physiological needs of its citizens thereby creating an atmosphere that became beneficial for ethnic and religious chauvinism in Nigeria. The failure of the state gave rise to terrorist groups in all regions of the country. These groups includes,the  Boko Haram of the North, the Odua people’s Congress  of the South west, the Niger Delta Militants of South South and the Massop of the South East. This paper therefore examined the terrorism of Boko Haram sect through the instrumentation of interviews, video and audio tapes, Newspapers, magazines, textbook and internet materials. The paper conclude that in as much as Boko Haram sect are terrorists, and a threat to national security, the Nigerian state has also failed in the provision of the basic needs of the people. The paper recommends among other things that national leadership should be sincere in the provision of basic needs of the citizenry and sign diplomatic treaties that are of immense benefit to Nigeria.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.