The Doctrine of Natural Justice under Civil and Military Administrations in Nigeria

  •  D. O. Odeleye    


In all human affairs, there has been established the need for a generally acceptable code of conduct and procedure in the administration of justice, civil or criminal which must be seriously observed by all in relationships with fellow human beings. This is particularly applicable to those who are saddled with the sacred responsibility of steering the ship of the State. In this wise, the place of natural justice is pivotal and has deservedly been elevated to the realm of great importance by all civilized communities. This article traces the origin of Natural Justice and discusses the two basic ideas in which Natural Justice is embodied i.e. audi alterem partem and nemo judex in causa sua. It also discusses the doctrine of Natural Justice under the Civil and Military rule in Nigeria and some other jurisdictions. The Article concluded by identifying some problems associated with the enforcement of Natural Justice and made recommendations.

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