Profile of Contributors to the American Political Science Review, 2010

  •  Amadu Kaba    


This study examines the profile of contributors of full-length articles to the American Political Science Review (APSR) in 2010. Of the 79 different contributors, almost 9 (86.1%) out of every 10 are men. Whites accounted for over 9 (93.7%) out of every 10 contributors. Full professors accounted for 35%, the highest rate, with assistant professors accounting for 31 percent. Yale University, Harvard University, University of Illinois-Champaign, Florida State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California-San Diego, and the University of Chicago, all employ 3 or more of these contributors. Almost 94% of the contributors have a Ph.D. Almost 89% of the contributors earned their terminal or highest degrees in political science/government. Harvard University, the University of Chicago, the University of Rochester, the University of California-Berkeley, and Duke University, all conferred 4 or more terminal or highest degrees to these contributors. The study presents explanations for these results, focusing on the underrepresentation of women and minorities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.