Study on Plight of Grassroots Party Organizations Developing New Party Members in Western Countryside and Countermeasures

  •  Huaikun Yan    
  •  Yingxiu Wang    


The key for western countryside achieving the goals of economic development and social harmony is to strengthen the building of grassroots Party organizations and the development of new Party members. At present, the development of New Party members in western countryside has encountered a series of problems, such as the unclear orientation of goals and the weak initiatives, the poor ways for the development of new Party members and the imbalanced structure, the weakening function of grassroots Party organizations, and the lack of attractiveness. Therefore, the grassroots Party organizations in western countryside should change their minds actively and achieve the growth of backup candidates for new Party members by innovative means. Take the construction projects as carriers to cultivate new farmers and improve the quality of Party members. Modify the grassroots democratic system and enhance the cohesion of grassroots Party organizations. Strengthen the sense of being a Party member and increase the attractiveness of the grassroots Party organizations.

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