The British Resident in Transjordan and the Financial Administration in the Emirate Transjordan 1921-1928

  •  Riyadh Klaifat    


Transjordan as a part of Belad Esham was subject to the Ottoman authority dominated the area from 1516 G up to the Call of Sherif Mecca (Al Hussain Bin Ali) for the revolution on the Ottoman Authority in 1916 after being promised false promises many times, such as the promise given to Sherif Hussain for replacing the Turkish rule by the Arab rule, during that period Britain was making conspiracies with the big Greedy powers in the area through bilateral negotiation with France ended by signing a new treaty called Sykes-Picot Treaty where the Arab map was divided between the two Countries. Where Arabs found themselves after the 1st world war after the defeat of Turkish state in 1918 G became under the rule of a news colonial powers, under what called the mandatory system which was established by the colonial powers to achieve their economic and social ambitions.

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