Public Order and Security Institutions Competences Which Determine the Working Action Framework of Their Officials. The Case of Hellenic Coast Guard Personnel

  •  Korontzis Tryfon    


The institutions that have been established by the State and supported democracy, guaranteeing the safeguard of citizens individual and social rights. Each institution is governed by structures, which have specific functions concerning its internal structure, organization and administration but also the specific mission which is requested to carry out, in accordance with the existing legal framework as provided in the Constitution, laws, regulations acts, in the legal opinions issued by the Judicial and Prosecutorial Authorities as also in the legal opinions issued by the Council of the State.

In order to be achieved the above there are many institutions which performed – carrying out mainly police duties such as Hellenic Police (HP), Hellenic Coast Guard (HCG), Municipality Police, etc. These institutions and more specifically HP and HCG and in particular, their mission, role, act and their internal administration mechanisms, have been and are often subjected of social criticism but also sometimes subject of social approval.

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