Legal Strategies to Resolve Problems of Marital Relationships in the Quran

  •  Seyed Asadinejad    


Sometimes either of the spouses might have abomination or marital misconduct towards the other. This deed which leads to problems in marital relationships is called nushuz, or lack of submission, and can be from either the husband or the wife. Nushuz is the mostly observed factor in divorce so its prevention can save the family break-up. The purpose of this article is to describe the possible mechanism available in this area. The holy Quran also offers some solutions to remove the problems of marital misconducts which cause damage to the family foundation by making the husband primarily responsible for reforming the family prima, and has presented conventional practices. To avoid any kind of damage to the family foundation the husband should practice admonishment and banishment. However, it should not cause bruises on her body or lead to a more strained relationship. Moreover, if the wife is nashiza (rebellious), selecting arbiters from among relatives of the spouses can solve any problem which had led to nushuz and lack of submission. We will discuss the process of reforming the family after an instance of nushuz, which is essential in bringing the relationship back to normal.

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