The American Vision of the Arab Region and the Palestinian Problem after the Incidents of 11th September 2001, in the Period of Bush, "the Son" between 2000-2004

  •  Fawzi Tayyem    


This study aims to identify and discuss the American vision towards the Arabian region in general, the Islamic phenomenon, and the Palestinian problem through the American authority positions in the region in particular. The American president Bosh “the son " divided the world into two divisions; the world of good and the world of evil, claiming he represents the world of good, and that the Arabian and Islamite world represents the evil world.

This situation was clear after the incidents of 11th September 2001 against the World Trade Center by the base or Alqa'edah organization, when the United States declared war against Afghanistan and Iraq claiming the war against terrorism. The results of this extravagant war represented in the involvement of America in an impetuous adventure without a reasonable count of its future consequences.

This study will intend to analyze the American policy towards the Arab region, and the Palestinian problem in light of the some facts which discussed in the article.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.