Lineage Influence on Nationality from Islamic Republic of Iran law View Point

  •  Sattar Azizi    
  •  Bijan Hajiazizi    
  •  Razieh Hassankhani    


Nationality is an important issue in governments’ and their national’s international relationships. In this article, we're trying to have an examination on the kind of lineage which is considered as a criterion in giving nationality according to the blood principle. What's that kind of lineage? What's the criterion; is it only the legitimated lineage related to the children who were born lawfully? Or natural children who are born unlawfully and illegally can also get the nationality based on the blood principle from their parents, just like legitimated children? The legal lineage has been supported in the Iranian civil law's note 2 of the article 976. In the Iranian nationality code, the supported lineage based on the blood principle is the legal lineage; so the natural child is recognized as Iranian relying on the note 3 of the article 976(based on jus soli) in the Iranian civil law.
Another issue to be considered is that, when's the best time to
A. Coagulate the sperm for the child?
B. Give birth to the child?
C. Marriage for the parents?
D. Considering government's interests
E. Authorizing the child
Ultimately, different comments and suggestions are considered to observe the rights of both the child and the government.

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