The Russian-American Relations during the Period (2000-2008) - Prospects of Competition and Cooperation

  •  fawzi A.Tayyem    
  •  Saddah A.Al habashneh    


This study targets researching in the Russian-American relations during the period (2000-2008) by using the descriptive and statistical methodologies, as the study shows the following:
First: The Russian foreign politics during the reign of president Putin witnessed a mass turning especially towards the United States of America.
Second: President Putin suggested some main principles for the Russian foreign politic, known as "Putin's Principles" as he tried to mix between the Euro-Atlantic and the New Eurasian.
Third: There are many aspects of conflict between Russia and the United States especially in expanding the sovereignty of NATO over the countries of Eastern Europe, and USA's try to control South East Asia countries annexed to Russian, supporting the colorful revolutions especially in Georgia and Ukraine.
Fourth: Notwithstanding the aspects of conflict between Russia and the United States, this didn't prevent the existence of aspects of cooperation between both countries, especially in the fields of Economy, Energy, and the fight against terrorism.

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