Discriminatory or Non-Discriminatory Application of Jus Sanguinis

  •  Sattar Azizi    
  •  Bijan Hajiazizi    
  •  Razieh Hassankhani    


Nationality is an important issue in governments’ and their national’s international connections. One aspect of Jus sanguinis is discriminatory or non-discriminatory application. We discussed the question that whether the mother and father have equal roles in passing nationality through jus sanguinis, or only the father has rights in this respect?, i. e. both father and mother are considered, or just the father has a role in passing nationality through jus sanguinis. The study is comparative, although in some legal systems due to some reasons, only father’s nationality is important. That is prejudiced use of jus sanguinis. Finally we try express the term "origin Iranian" with emphasis on Mother Role on nationality transferring.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.