International Modes of Policy Influence: Does the EU Influence Good-Governance Policies in African, Caribbean and Pacific States?

  •  Joachim, T. Mugyenzi    


The European Union is able to transfer its values and influence good governance policies in ACP states, through leverage and transnational networks. This paper tries to establish the leverage-transnational networks nexus in influencing policy and to account for the variance of European Union influence. In a comparative design, it tries to extricate these influences empirically by using a multi-variate regression analysis for the years 1975-2009, to establish whether European Union influences good governance policies in the African Great lakes states of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Though the analysis controls for other influences, still evidence of European Union influence in the three countries is significant. It further indicates that the degree of influence is predicated on the complementary role of the modes of influence, which accounts for the variance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.