An Overview on Women’s Leadership Issues in Jordan

  •  Faraj Radwan Zubaidi    
  •  Nabiha.S. Mehdi Al-Sammerai    
  •  Fais Ahmad    


The success and efficiency of leadership depends on managerial position of what leader possesses of personal characteristics, education qualification and professional expertise. Nowadays, the leadership of woman is become more essential in the developing process for the civilized societies as a man’s colleague in managing companies. However, woman in some societies still facing many difficulties at her work like cultural heritages that do not accept the woman as a leaders.  In this paper we investigate on factors involving to improve the women’s participation in positions of power and decision making and to illuminate some of the barriers that hinder their career development in Jordan. In this study we conclude that the personality characteristics of woman influenced negatively on the woman role to reach the leadership position. Besides that, we analyze the most important obstacles.  We discussed the women’s concerns when carry responsibility as a part of occupying the leadership position.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.