Is Vladimir Putin a Realist with Special Attention to the Concept of a Force Monopoly and Hans Kelsen’s Principle of Effectiveness of Laws and Joe Biden’s (President of the United States of America) Speech at the United Nations General Assembly Meeting of 20th September, 2023 That There Will Be Reprisal against Russia for Starting the War with Ukraine Coincide with the Concept of Force Monopoly

  •  Collins Udeh    


In this article I will take a critical analysis of realism especially political realism and linking it to Vladimir Putin (president of Russia) and then how the concept of force monopoly and Joe Biden’s (President of the United States of America) speech at the United Nations General Assembly meeting of 20th September, 2023 that there will be reprisal against Russia for starting the war with Ukraine coincide with the concept of force monopoly. Central to this discourse is the concept of force monopoly and the principle of effectiveness of law, these will be explored alongside entrenched norms of international law. Therefore, this article will examine the historical precedent set by the International Law; which unequivocally condemned acts of aggression and underscored the accountability of individuals for violating international law. Throughout World War II, it was widely believed that there is no justification for the hostilities initiated by Germany through Hitler therefore, Germany’s actions against states during the second world war constituted unlawful aggression (Sorensen 1968; Wright, 1947). This historical context serves as a backdrop for ensuring compliance with international legal norms and it emphasizes the imperative of holding states accountable to deter unlawful actions. Key topics addressed include the nuanced interpretation of force within international law, the parameters of self-defence, the principles of self-help and self-preservation, and the concept of necessity in justifying state actions. Through this multidimensional analysis, the study underscores the critical importance of upholding international legal frameworks to mitigate conflicts and foster a more stable and just global order.

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