Study on International Cooperation to Address Cross-border Telecommunication Network Fraud Offence

  •  Lan Yu    
  •  Qiyan Cong    
  •  Sixin Li    


In recent years, under the new technological environment of the international society, cross-border telecommunication network fraud crime cases are high, and various countries are faced with difficult problems of law enforcement cooperation, such as: less channels of information exchange, difficult investigation and evidence collection, low efficiency, more obstacles to investigation and arrest cooperation, slow speed and low effectiveness of recovering stolen goods. In order to achieve effective international governance of cross-border network crimes and strengthen cooperation between China and other countries, this study is based on the collection of cross-border telecommunication network fraud crimes of international cooperation cases and literature, combined with the current situation of cross-border international cooperation in China, proposed to effectively solve the problem of cross-border telecommunication network fraud international cooperation from the prevention and governance level. In order to achieve a higher level of international cooperation and governance between countries, and continuously reduce the occurrence of cross-border telecommunication network fraud cases.

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