Practical Dilemmas Facing Criminal Legislation on Network Violence and Ideas for Responding to Them

  •  Mengjia Chen    
  •  Ziping Wang    
  •  Han Wu    


With the science and technology advance, cybercrime has become a serious threat to society. The lack of effective legal regulation has allowed cybercriminals to operate with impunity, posing a great challenge to law enforcement agencies. This paper intends to explore the challenges and gaps in the existing regulations on the premise of explaining the characteristics, classification of cybercrime, and put forward some suggestions and ideas on how to regulate the network violence by the main means of the criminal law. By examining the current legal framework for combating cybercrime, as well as the typical case, this paper will provide an in-depth analysis of the legal measures needed to effectively combat cybercrime. The findings of this research will contribute to the development of a comprehensive legal framework to address the growing menace of cybercrime.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.