Route Optimization of Public Participation in Environmental Law Driven by Big Data

  •  Ranran Shen    


The innovation of data technology has shaped a more open and symmetrical, convenient and interactive interaction platform, allowing the public to access more diverse information. In the context of the rapid development of the digital age, policymakers need to think about how to use big data to further enhance the effectiveness, inclusiveness and enthusiasm of public participation in environmental rule of law. However, the reasons of poor data quality, the lack of environmental information protection and the weak self-efficacy of the public lead to the problems of the high waste rate of environmental data, the leakage of public environmental information and the weak enthusiasm of the public to participate in the problem. The key to get out of the dilemma is to improve relevant legislation on public participation in environmental rule of law, update the multiple relief channels of public participation, and further consolidate the foundation of public participation. Only in this way can we promote public participation in environmental rule of law to a higher level, and then provide directional guidance for our country's current practice of digital environmental rule of law.

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