Personal Data Protection in the Iranian Legal System

  •  Mohammad Mustafa Mohiqi    


Currently, legislators are paying special attention to the personal data of individuals since these data can be processed, transferred quickly and are available in cyberspace. The purpose of this article is to describe the process by which Iran's legal system protects personal information and privacy. There is no specific law in Iran regarding the protection of personal data, and therefore this data should be protected in accordance with other laws. While there is no specific legal sanction in the Iranian legal system for the violation of data privacy, it is not without legal consequences, and for the legal consequences, one can refer to other Iranian laws and foundations. For example, for civil remedies, it is possible to make reference to the Civil Liability Act. Based on the different laws of Iran, it can be seen that in this country, the principle is to safeguard the privacy of the individual. Although the right to privacy may not be violated in all cases, it may be violated in exceptional circumstances, such as when it comes to national security, because in every country, issues such as order and public interest take priority over the rights of individuals.

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