Political Articulation: The Intellectuality of Ahmad Mustofa Bisri in Struggling for the Contest of Truth

  •  Khoiron Khoiron    
  •  Purwo Santoso    
  •  Budi Irawanto    


This study examined intellectual politics, which seek to reveal the significance of the political acts of an intellectual. These actions are often surprising, but in the end, they provide references for the general public. The significant political actions here meant to provide a point of reference, when people are trapped in controversies and instrumentalist reasoning. There are hard to understand politics, but the results are clear: the general public gets references to judge and determine judgment. Politics takes place at the level of meaning, more than just a struggle of interests. It is a manifest in the articulation of ideas or values, not in the expertise in organizing, structuring authority, or struggling for positions. The results of this study found that the way out of rational-instrumental reasoning that dominates (mainstream) is communicative-rationality reasoning through communicative acts in public spaces. This intellectual study is expected to have an important contribution in developing a sub-study: articulatory politics.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.