Legal Protection of Intellectual Property Rights for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Products in Kendari City

  •  Guasman Tatawu    
  •  Herman Herman    
  •  Rahman Hasima    
  •  Fitriah Faisal    


The purpose of this research is to find out the legal protection of Intellectual Property rights for MSME products in Kendari City and the efforts of the Kendari City government in order to provide legal protection of intellectual property rights over MSMEs products. This research uses normative juridical research methods, namely legal research conducted by examining library materials or secondary data as basic materials to be researched by conducting a search of regulations and literature related to the problems studied. This research emphasizes and used the approaches such as statute approach and conceptual approach. The results showed that: 1) The legal protection of intellectual property rights to MSMEs products in Kendari City included brand protection, copyright, industrial design, trade secrets, and patents. Brand Protection is the most widely used choice by MSMEs in Kendari City to create a strategic bargaining position on a national and international scale. This is in accordance with the data of IPR registration applications in Kendari City which is dominated by registration of brand registration applications. Types of IPR protection other than brands can also be utilized by MSMEs by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of IPR protection for use in business activities carried out, and 2) Efforts of the Kendari City government to protect and empower Small and Medium Micro Enterprises in Kendari City include: a) Increasing human resources Capacity through technical guidance, b) Providing training and socialization to MSME actors regarding IPR registration procedures, c) The IPR registration fee of MSME products is cheaper, d) Give an Intensive financing to IPR registration for MSME products.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.