A Comparative Study of China's Competition Law and Cameroon's Competition Law; With Specific Regards to Challenges in the Implementation of Competition Law in China and Cameroon

  •  Lu Ming Yu    
  •  Yongyeh Ngalim Elizabeth    


This study aims to investigate and compare the competition laws of Cameroon and China, with a focus on the limitations and constraints of competition law implementation in Cameroon and China. By comparing the Competition Laws of China and Cameroon, the research intends to determine whether there are any limits in the implementation of Competition Law in Cameroon and China. To examine and get results for the research’s many goals and objectives, this study uses qualitative data analysis. Competition legislation has had a considerable impact on China's economy in recent years, and it will eventually have an impact on trade policies that are directly tied to the international market. During our research, we discovered that competition law regulations have an impact on national and international trade in each country. And we realized that Cameroon's competitiveness policies are in some ways behind the times in the twenty-first century.

As a result, there is a growing need to look into the divergence between China's competition law and Cameroon's competition law in order to assist Cameroonian competition law authorities in updating and making structural changes to Cameroon's competition legislation. These revisions will improve Cameroon's national and international trade policies, but they will have a substantial influence on the country's current economy. There may be some takeaways for China's competitive law policymakers as well. There is no academic work of this kind after a vast range of research, and this will be a wonderful opportunity to introduce creative work to this academic sector. The Anti-Monopoly Law of China has greatly evolved in the past years and there has been amendments and structural adjustments in the past years, which is very great, because Competition Law plays a great role in the economic progress of each country. As a result, the purpose of this study is to identify any obstacles to the implementation of Cameroon's Competition Law (Law No.98/013 of 14 July 1998) and China's Anti-Monopoly Law (2008).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.