On Development Strategies for Improving the Management Level of Chinese Enterprises in Africa: the case of Chinese enterprises in Kenyan

  •  Jiaxiu Wang    


China has become Africa’s largest trading partner. The level of economic and trade cooperation between China and Kenya have been continuously improved within the framework of the China-Africa Community of Shared Future and the “Belt and Road” cooperation. Nowadays, the cooperation between China and Kenya is standing at a new starting point and facing new development opportunities. Chinese enterprises in Kenya have developed rapidly in terms of number and scale in recent years. And the businesses involve a wide range of fields, ranging from agricultural and sideline products and food industry to precision parts processing and manufacturing, which have created a considerable number of jobs for the local area and increased the overall labor income. However, there are still many outstanding problems in specific cooperation practices, such as the lack of attention on corporate management and corporate culture. Based on literature analysis, this article uses Chinese enterprises in Kenya as an example to illustrate the development status of Chinese companies in Africa, study the problems that exist in the development of Chinese companies in Kenya and propose solutions to the corresponding problems. The further development of Chinese enterprises in Africa will promote the better realization of the China-Africa community with a shared future and the development of the “Belt and Road” to achieve a win-win situation.

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