The Value of Ho Chi Minh's Ideology, Morality and Style to the Vietnamese Nation Today

  •  Le Trung Kien    


This article aims to clarify the basic contents of leader Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style that are valuable to the Vietnamese nation. In fact, Vietnam has been proving the miraculous vitality of Ho Chi Minh's ideology on the path and goals of national development, on the strategy of great national unity and international solidarity, innovative thinking, culture and humanities. His moral example and views on revolutionary ethical standards and ethical practice principles are the red thread throughout the progress of progressive and civilized human development. His style is extremely lively, natural, unique, attractive, magical in daily activities and behavior, which is shown as independent, self-directed and creative thinking style; scientific, democratic and mass working style; modest, polite, sincere, warm, natural and flexible behavior style; simple, clean, moderate, moderate living style. These legacies form a consistent whole in Ho Chi Minh's people, have deep scientific, theoretical and practical values ​​in terms of ethics and aesthetics, consistent with the history of the Vietnamese nation and the development trend of mankind.

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