The Philosophy of International Public Law and the Changes on the Reality of the International Society

  •  Abdelsalam Hammash    


The evolution of the concept of International society has considerably broadened throughout history along with the evolution of International rules. At first, it was defining the group of sovereign States existing at that time, while subsequently to the creation of the UN organization, International society would rather imply any individual designated by International legal corpus. At the end of the Cold War, the multiplication of nation-States, that would stay politically and economically fragile and unstable, compelled the UN to act over those States' sovereignty, though, to help them to outlive. Over the last decades, the phenomenon of globalization has contributed to support the idea of human rights and has considerably led to a global opinion that would be able to put pressure on States. Moreover, the UN would engage itself in emphasizing the concept of peace in all its decisions and actions. As such, International Penal institutions as the International Court of Justice had been established. But the fear of States for their sovereignty has still remained a problem in the equation.

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