The Evolution of Beninese Political System, C. 1960-2020

  •  Adohounde Yaovi Sylvestre    
  •  Agonnoude Bidoley Vianney Freddy    


The change of political system in the Republic of Benin has always been a source of conflict between its political figures, since this system represents the structure around which the country must politically be built and be developed. The article analyzes the multiple transformations of the Beninese political system since its independence in August 1960 to date. The authors highlight the strong political tensions that existed within the country, followed by multiple military coups as one of the results of these transformation processes. In this article we analyze, the four major stages that led to an evolution of the political system in Benin. This includes the independence period with the impact of French constitutional law, the revolutionary period setting up the beginning of socialist ideology with General Mathieu Kérékou, the conference of the nation’s active forces of February 1990, and the undergoing reforms initiated by President Patrice Talon since 2016. The authors conclude by appreciating the reform efforts of Talon’s government, which aim to modernize and strengthen the Beninese political system in the face of contemporary challenges.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.