Social and Political Development Strategies: Global Pandemic Challenges (Covid-19)

  •  Karabushenko Paul Leonidovich    
  •  Mamychev Alexey Yurievich    
  •  Ponedelkov Aleksandr Vasilevich    
  •  Vorontsov Sergey Alekseevich    
  •  Kim Alexander Alekseevich    


Even English historian A. Toynbee claimed that each new generation of the “creative minority” (elite) periodically faced challenges of the time, to which it had to seek and give an adequate response. In case of an unsatisfactory answer, this “creative minority” should leave the historical stage, giving way to the more competent elite. The coronavirus crisis experienced by the global community in 2020 has become such a global challenge of our time for many people. And the public can make conclusions about the professional training and level of competence of the ruling elite groups judging from how effectively they cope with this challenge. But even now it can already be stated that the crisis has revealed a number of significant systemic failures in the functioning of political elites - their slow reaction to the event, disunity, clip consciousness and underestimation of the degree of risk, resources and their own capabilities. This article is devoted to the analysis of all these problems.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.