Legal Solidarity: Historical, Religious Moral Background and Perspective of Implementation in the Digital World

  •  Alexey I. Ovchinnikov    
  •  Tatiana S. Yatsenko    
  •  Armen K. Oganesyan    
  •  Vasily M. Emelyanov    


With the help of another technological revolution the modern world is suffering from a new radical breakage of all areas and ideals, which include legal principles, ideas and values. The most important amongst them is the principle of the legal solidarity with the long history that has already been rooted in the Bible’s System of Things and Christianity. The main prerequisites of the legal solidarity as well as social and cultural prerequisites of the legal solidarity in the studies of the legislators in Russia and foreign authors are considered in this article. Suggestions of the new stage of solidarity realization in the legislation including digitalization, which allows to implement targeted social assistance and to eradicate the main vice of solidarity – passiveness and paternalism of the social state citizens, are being made.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.