The Conflict Wings in the Saudi Political System

  •  Abdullah Hazaa Othman    
  •  Oleg Evgenievich Grishin    
  •  Bakil Hasan Nasser Ali    


A marginal and bloody nature has characterized the struggle between the Saudi family members over the ruling regime since its first date. For the sake of governance, interests, and influence, alliances, disputes, and conflicts arose between the wings of the Saudi family and the liquidations that started since the establishment of Saudi Arabia and are still taking place today. King Abdulaziz liquidated leadership army, which contributed to the concentration of his rule, in the Battle of Al-Sabla. There is a conflict of wings between family members that reached the level of the coup, as happened with King Saud at the hands of his sisters, and to the killing, as happened with King Faisal at the hands of his nephew Faisal bin Musaed. The conflict and disagreement between the members of Al Saud have renewed since the first and second Saudi states and the current one. They expanded at present due to the abundance of money and influence by the control of a wing at the expense of other sides, the existence of a class between family members, and the secretion of the current conflict with the emergence of new leaders, the Saudi arena. The young men belong to the generation of the grandsons of the founding King, who eventually took control of the Saudi rule.

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