Preface to Islamic Political Psychology: Siyasah Syariyyah Meets Psychology

  •  Khairul Azmi Mohamad    
  •  Nooraini Othman    
  •  Ghazali Jaapar    


This paper attempts to decribe what is Islamic political psychology. The coverage of this paper is preliminary in nature. The study of political psychology came into picture as a discipline of study quite recently. It is a combination of political science and psychology. It is timely to have the study of Islamic Political psychology. If the study of political psychology involves the theories and practice of political science and psychology, necessarily the Islamic political psychology involves the theories and practice of Islamic Politics (siyasah syariyyah) and Islamic psychology (‘ilm nafs al-Islami). This paper intends to look at the principles of Islamic politics and its relationship to Islamic psychology. It will also be describing the characteristic features of politics from the perspective of syariah. The principles that underline the political system of Islam will then be elaborated. This paper will attempt to highlight the similarities and differences between political psychology as perceived by the coventional perspective and the study as expounded by the worldview of Islam. Islamic political psychology will help the understanding of a certain pattern of thinkings and behaviours either of the politicians or the people as they relate to politics.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.