Parliamentary Immunity among Arab Constitutions

  •  Jehan K Samarah Alzubi    


Point of fact, legislature is seen to be a significant body in any country because of its key duties of passing the legislations regarding the responsibility it has. The national and legal system has given legal protections for the legislature’ members in order to help them in carrying out the responsibility they have according to the countries’ constitutions, and this kind of protection is known to be the parliament immunity. The present study aims to clarify the parliamentary immunity concept explaining its own legal nature among Arab constitutions. Additionally, this study discusses important points related to the parliament immunity such as its types, namely, objective type as well as procedural type differentiating between them. Furthermore, this study indicates to some important aspects regarding parliament immunity among Arabs highlighting points like the lifting procedures of the immunity and some legal reasons for lifting and the constitutions’ positions regarding that. The study concludes that Arab countries have a special situation due to important events such as Arab Spring and Palestinian Issue in which they confirm that the Arab countries must deal with the parliament immunity carefully in a way that makes their people satisfied, lastly, some recommendations are made for further studies in the same topic.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.