Tourism Activities of the Organization “Force through Joy” as a Legitimation Factor of the Nazi Political and Legal Regime (1933-1939)

  •  Raisat Saidovna Izudinova    
  •  Andrey Yuryevich Mordovtsev    
  •  Evgenia Andreevna Vasilkova    
  •  Tatyana Vasilyevna Mordovtseva    
  •  Evgenii A. Palamarchuk    


The article identifies and analyzes the most important area of the organization “Strength through Joy” and its contribution to the support of the Hitler regime by industrial workers in Germany. Created by the Nazis under the auspices of the German Labor Front, which replaced the traditional trade unions, this organization made one of the main emphasis on the mass cultivation of tourism on favorable terms in the ranks of the working community. Having become one of the most important areas of social policy in the Third Reich, the tourism activities of the “Force through Joy” served as one of the effective means of legitimizing Nazi power in the eyes of that part of German society that initially took a hostile position towards them.

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