Women’s Agency in Peacebuilding in Polarized Post-Conflict Communities in Plateau State, Nigeria

  •  Kwopnan Ibrahim Bulus    
  •  Feyza Bhatti    
  •  Cemaliye Beysoylu    


Over the last two decades, while significant consideration is given to women’s participation and representation in formal peacebuilding processes, there is the dearth of research on the grassroots level involvement and contributions of women to peacebuilding processes in post-conflict communities. Utilizing 28 semi-structured interviews and two focus group discussions with women in Bukuru and Gyel communities, this article aims at improving the understandings on the agency of women in building and sustaining peace in polarized post-conflict communities in Plateau State, Nigeria. The article argues that in spite of the global marginalisation of women in formal peace processes, women are actively involved in peacebuilding and use various forms of individual and collective agency to restore harmonious relations, build peace and foster social cohesion in polarized post-conflict communities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.