The Model of Conflict-Handling between Gafatar and the Mempawah Community in the Legal Approach

  •  Sy. Hasyim Azizurrahman    
  •  Elyta Elyta    


Conflict arises as a result of various forms of difference and importance, but the most common is the difference of opinion. As happened to the community of Mempawah Districts, there was an indication of heresy that runs by the Fajar Nusantara Movement Group (Gafatar). Gafatar had opposite goals with what the local and central government has implemented. This research is to design a model for handling conflicts between Gafatar and the community in the law approach. The research method applied is qualitative. Data collection used interview technique, documentation technique, and narratives. The results of this study have designed models for handling conflicts between Gafatar and the Mempawah community in a legal approach. The research has also emphasized the role of the state and the its military and security apparatus to keep order and solve tribal issues. Resolving the Gafatar group conflict with West Kalimantan MUI is the central case of this study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.