Gaps and Analogies in the Legal Definition of the Lease Facility in Russia

  •  Viktor A. Mikryukov    


The study is relevant, as multi-variant rental relationships are wide-spread, requiring a seamless legal definition of the key elements of the lease design. The aim is to identify and, by analogy, comprehensively develop the legal regime of problematic and atypical leases, thus strengthening the doctrinal basis for filling legal gaps in the practice of applying civil law by analogy. Combined with special technical-legal and comparative-legal methodological tools, the article applied general logical methods of analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, comparison and generalization. This research is peculiar in that the method of analogy acted simultaneously as a means, and as an object of study. Specific gaps in the legal definition of the list and properties of present and future things and their parts as admissible lease facilities were identified; a practical idea to improve the regulatory structure of the lease arrangement was formulated. The work helps to achieve greater contractual freedom and variability of economic activity, promotes the involvement of a greater number of material goods in the property turnover, at the same time helping to unlock the potential of the analogy method in the legal regulation of economic activity.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.