Social Aspects of Drug Addiction in Sri Lanka

  •  Isma Lebbe Mohamed Mahir    
  •  Thaseem Mohamed Fathima Wazeema    


Social problems are rapidly increasing in modern societies due to various reasons. One of these is drug addiction, which has become a major issue in the contemporary world, as it is proving to be a serious social problem in both developing and underdeveloped countries. This review article that focuses on the social aspects of drug addiction in Sri Lanka is based on secondary data obtained from the published works of different authors; they provide details about the identity of drugs, drug addiction and the increasing number of addicts in Sri Lanka. Drug addiction has become an important issue due to its severe impact on public health, its tendency to encourage crime, cause diseases, poverty and destruction of family life in Sri Lanka. Heroin and cannabis (marijuana) are found to be the most commonly used drugs in Sri Lanka. Laws and policies designed to control drug abuse and regulations on drug addicts have not brought any major change or desired outcome in the Sri Lankan drug scene. Drug users in Sri Lanka get their supply of drugs from the underground drug market, which has its internal and external sources. Rehabilitation of drug addicts has become an urgent need in the country to protect its valuable citizens who are needed to build a sustainable nation that is free from drugs. Drug addiction is preventable and can be managed successfully if every citizen of the country gives his/ her full support and contribution.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.