Challenges Related to Rituals and Law Facing Saudi Students in the UK

  •  Tareq Albhlal    
  •  Hajed A. Alotaibi    


Saudi students studying abroad encounter some challenges as regards the climate and culture of the UK. These challenges may not only be observed in the language and academic curriculum. Hence, this study aims to test the rooted religious values and jurisdiction practices among Saudi Muslims concerning their experiences, needs and other challenges while studying in the UK. This study included a sample of 100 Saudi students enrolled in a different academic year in the UK institutes. Findings reveal that the majority of the Middle Eastern students experienced difficulties in offering prayers, displaying Islamic rituals such as funerals, and paying Zakat to people. These students also experienced problems in learning about juristic and judicial regulations and identifying the significance of civil and human rights, intellectual/religious tolerance, and women’s rights. Most of the students experienced issues with their wives due to the social environment. Understanding this experience is significant to help ease the students' challenges and make their experience in the UK successful.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.