Punishment Analysis of Cyber Pornography in the Iranian Criminal Justice System

  •  Saleh Ghaffari Cherati    
  •  Ismail Hadi Tabar    
  •  Seyed Ebrahim Qodsi    


Today, pornographies are one of the fundamental challenges in cyberspace that have caused a serious threat to the security of that space. In the aftermath of this threat, the legislator has criminalized and punished pornography in cyberspace. Accordingly, it seems necessary to analyze the punishments the legislator has considered for this phenomenon. The responses the legislator makes to a variety of pornographers are according to the government-official model. Now, regarding the government’s responses in the form of punishments such as imprisonment, flogging and execution, it is important to evaluate its punishment. The present paper analyzes the computer pornography punishment by analytic-descriptive method and emphasizing on the Iranian criminal justice system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.