Legal Mentality of Diasporas: Experience in Theoretical and Methodological Design

  •  Evgeny A. Apolsky    
  •  Alexander Kim    
  •  Mamychev Aleksei Yurievich    
  •  Mordovtsev Andrei Yurievich    
  •  Romanenko Veronika Borisovna    


This article presents theoretical and methodical as well as pragmatic basis of the theory of mentality of diasporas and provincial communities which is just taking shape in domestic legal and political knowledge. Great attention is paid, in particular, to legal mentality of diasporas’ representatives manifests itself in a different way in the social space of a multinational state. The authors of this work believe that turning to steady in time mental attitudes common for representatives of different diasporas is necessary first of all for forming an adequate political and legal strategy of the national development, for pursuing relevant legal policies in different Russian regions. The contents and peculiarities of the legal mentality of diasporas and provincial communities should be taken into account in the process of defining priorities of reforming the legal and political system, choosing ways and methods of changes in the legal, political and socioeconomic fields. Besides, thorough research of legal mentality of different diasporas will give a chance to find out the ethnocultural component of dynamics in social processes and to assess them (e. g. in the issues of level of riskogenicity and conflictogenicity), to outline possible results and perspectives. The article considers features of legal mentality of the diasporas of the Far Eastern region of Russia as a specific example.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.