The Middle East Policy-Future Engagements of the U.S in Iran

  •  Abdulrahman Al-Fawwaz    
  •  Abdallah S. Abualkanam    
  •  Walid K. Abudalbouh    


The U.S is one of the foreign nations that have been deeply involved in the affairs of the Middle East region, particularly in Iran. The threat posed by terrorism to international peace and stability was one of the reasons why the U.S thought it wise to be involved in the affairs of the Middle East. Besides the insecurity concerns, laid the interests of the U.S in the region that is known to have vast reservoirs of oil and the leading producers of the source of energy in the world. According to the U.S, it would have been foolhardy to let the region slip into an era of political unrest as the rest of the world watched, yet the region is a source of livelihood and economies of different nations the world over because of their vast oil deposits. Consequently, the U.S drafted several measures and policies that, according to them, were aimed at restoring peace and political stability in the region. These included coalition building, supporting peace ventures, and provision of humanitarian aid. In their policies, they believed that a stable Middle East region would ensure a more stable world than was witnessed before their involvement. Despite their involvement in trying to find lasting peace in the region, the U.S has also encountered several challenges along their way that made their peace efforts slip every moment they thought they were close to finding lasting peace in the region.

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