Theoretical Issues of "Security" Concept

  •  Aleksandr I. Sidorkin    
  •  Denis V. Iroshnikov    


The development of ideas about the category of "security" has come a long way, correlated with the development of human civilization. Initially conceived as a biological reaction, aimed at one’s own life preservation from the all-encompassing world danger for the ancient man, security moves from the category of biological reaction to the category of the thinking process with the development of mental activity, reflecting not only the response to the preservation of life, but also the anticipation of threat appearance danger. According to the authors, the qualitative transition of security comprehension from everyday life and practicality to the scientific aspect takes place at the turn of the 16th-17th centuries due to the rapid development of science and technology during this period of time. The scientific interest in the formal-logical interpretation of security understanding and the desire to develop appropriate terminology that adequately reflects the essence of security is especially evident in the philosophy by F. Bacon and B. Spinoza. However, neither during this period, nor during subsequent periods, the science has developed an established (academic) concept of security. The existing numerous concepts of security are nothing more than empirical in nature and reflect not the essence of security phenomenon, but the person’s subjective perceptions of it.

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