Political Corruption: Harm to State Foundations and Public Interests

  •  Endoltseva Alla V.    
  •  Platonova Natalya I.    
  •  Endoltseva Yulia V.    


The problem of political corruption is quite acute for all countries. Often, methods to counter this phenomenon are not effective. Sometimes, this happens because of the specifics of political corruption: it is practically legitimate in the view of citizens. Society perceives it as a "necessary" element of the political struggle. At the same time, it undermines the democratic the basic foundations of the state, leads to the fact that constitutional rights of citizens become only declarative. This is even more dangerous as only few subject categories are involved in corruption offenses, thus it is “latent” and not obvious to most citizens.

In this regard, it is necessary to make a complex comprehensive analysis of the types of manifestations of political corruption, determine their essence and identify corruption risks.

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