The Most Used Forms and Methods of Citizens Involvement in Terrorist and Extremist Activity

  •  Danekenova A.    
  •  Zhussupova G.    
  •  Nurmagambetov R.    
  •  Shunayeva S.    
  •  Popov V.    


The article analyzes development features of terrorist and extremist activity in the world, as well as in the Republic of Kazakhstan in particular. Authors focus on problems, which have arisen in connection with the emergence of terrorist and extremist activity, and also on the ways of it decision. The article raises one of the large international terrorist organizations – “DAESH”, which recruited people from around the world. Authors completely open methods of propaganda and recruitment of people of this organization. The special importance in prevention is allocated for public authorities, realizing confessional policy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.