How Do Anti-abortion and Abortion Rights Groups Deploy Ideas About Islamic in Their Activism Regarding Abortion

  •  Zhixin Jin    


Abortion is a hotly debated topic among Muslim communities, yet not many people outside of Muslim communities noticed this controversy, assuming that all Muslims hold similar opinions. In this paper I seek to answer the question: How do anti-abortion and abortion rights groups deploy ideas about Islam in their activism regarding abortion? I analysed the language those organizations use when describing Muslim communities and Muslim views, in order to learn their opinion. I found that a majority of those organizations did not include arguments from both sides, and almost all the Anti-Abortion Websites included generalizations of the Muslim community, and uses the Islamic Religion’s conservative factors as their method to persuade more Muslim people to join their stance on abortion. My research can serve as a contribution to research on broader questions such as: Why do a significant amount of people worldwide have very monolithic and stereotypical impressions on the Islamic religion? How influential is religion to a country's justice system and social morals? Those are all relevant question that matters significantly to our world, I hope that my research can have an impact and perhaps inspire further research into these questions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.