Judgments Based on the Recognized Offense in Accordance with the Jordanian Jurisdiction Law: A Comparative Study

  •  Zaid Ibrahim Yousef Gharaibeh    


The Jordanian legislator amended the text of Article 31 of the Code of Criminal Procedure by amendment of Law No. 32 of the year 2017. Where the legislator was in favor of this amendment, where the second paragraph of the text of the amended article which states (and whoever violates this prohibition is arrested, he is then referred to the magistrate for trial). If the amendment is found to be contrary to the judicial officer, is transferred to the magistrate, While the legislator in accordance with the old text gives the prosecutor the right to arrest, which is sometimes arbitrary, and waste the rights of individuals and deprive them of their freedoms, if the Jordanian legislator by amending this text is successful, to protect freedom from aggression.

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