Evolution of Individual Status in International Law

  •  Sayel Mofleh Momani    
  •  Maher Saleh Al-Jubouri    
  •  Noor Akef Al-Dabbas    


Each legal system has individuals who are addressed with its rules and that the legal rules of the legal system are designed to regulate the relationship between these individuals, and one individual can have legal personality in more than one legal system.

The legal personality of these individuals is highlighted by the relationship between them and the legal system in which arranges for them rights and impose obligations on them.

The rights and duties of a legal person are not the same; they vary from person to person within the same legal system, and vary from one legal system to another.

With regard to the international legal order, it has its own international legal persons, foremost among them States.

As for the individual, his legal status under general international law is still not clearly defined and is a subject of controversy among the jurists and interpreters of international law. We will present the position of international jurisprudence on the status of the individual in the first demand, the rules of international law that address individuals directly in a second demand, and the right to submit complaints and claims at the international level in a third demand.

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