Recruitment of Foreign Members by Islamic State (Daesh): Tools and Methods

  •  Bozorgmehri Majid    


In the era of technology, Islamic State has shown that it is be able to link the radical reading of Islam with the modernity of the internet and social media to increase its scope of influence to all borders of the world. The social networks were very significant medium for Daesh.

This article targets as its main concern, to analyze deeply the global strategy of “Islamic State” (IS) for recruitment of foreign warriors by looking at the methods through which the outstanding plan is carried out. It tries also to elaborate the communication strategy of the Islamic State besides the contents of the messages which have been broadcasted. By borrowing Malet`s conceptions, the paper schemes its theoretical bases and by relying on the own Islamic State sources, it tries to find and elaborate the required data.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.