A Systematic Approach to the Understanding of National Security in the Legal Dimension

  •  Denis V. Iroshnikov    


Nowadays, security issues are critically burning for the world community, the State and society as well as for an individual. Practical activities of states and other structures which ensure national security in general and its certain types in particular must be based on a comprehensive scientific study of such category as “national security" primarily from the philosopho-legal point of view. This is particularly reflected in the development of the science of security (SoS). This article presents a comprehensive fundamental philosopho-legal study of the national security system. The category "national security" is multidimensional and includes such types as state security, public security, personal security, information security, environmental security, transport security and others. In the article there is an attempt to reconsider the category of "national security" from the point of view of a systematic approach to the analysis of the basis of differentiation of certain types in its system. The study is aimed at understanding the essence, nature and characteristics of national security. The results of this study can be used in public administration and legal confirmation of political decisions. The author comes to the conclusion that it is possible to distinguish national security into types in terms of 1 – a security object (interest to be protected) which therefore is divided into "social" (primary) and "non-social" (secondary) and in terms of 2 – a source of a threat.

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